My Grandpa is an Alien, Co-Production

This week, the two Croatian directors Marine Andree Skop and Drazen Zarkovic have been visiting Lillehammer to complete the sound mix on the film “My Grandpa Is An Alien”, a fantasy adventure produced by Studio Dim from Croatia, and co-produced by Filmbin from Lillehammer .

Filmbin met the Croatian producers in Amsterdam as early as  2013, and was captivated by the wonderful project being presented to them. The two companies immediately experienced good chemistry, sharing similar company profiles, so their investments felt like an extra bonus. Filmbin received support from the local film fund Filminvest, and the Norwegian Film Institute to participate in the film.

Nils Ole Oftebro (Norwegian actor) plays grandfather in the film. He speaks partly Croatian, but most of it has been dubbed afterwards.

Composer Stein Berge Svendsen i from Lillehammer has composed all the music for the film, and the sound mix was completes at The LIPP’s Dolby Surround mixing stage here at Lillehammer Cinema.

Una (9 )’s life is turned up-side-down when she discovers that her grandfather (played by Nils Ole Oftebro) is actually an alien who crashed on Earth just over 30 years ago. Now he has been kidnapped by aliens, and Una must, along with a robot, fina way to save him within 24 hours.

This is a wonderful adventure about an unusual friendship a girl and a robot, and a very special grandfather.

The film premiered at the end of 2019

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